Welcome to the Future of Healthcare: Divine Design Natural Health

Every building has a builder. Every painting has a painter. Every design has a designer.

The current healthcare paradigm often fails to recognize the inspired design of the human body and its processes. The device you are using to read this sentence was not an accidental occurrence assembled by random chance. Neither are you. When approaching healthcare from this standpoint, it is quite rewarding to work in harmony with your body’s innate healing ability rather than against it. We look forward to helping you rediscover and maintain your health independence.

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Natural Health

Are you holistic? Absolutely.
Are you homeopathic? Yes, we also use homeopathy.
Are you naturopathic? We use naturopathic methods. Yes.
Are you a chiropractor, too? We thought you’d never ask.

How We Can Help

You came here to answer questions. Want to see how we can help? Click here for an organized list of the the most common conditions of mankind and what Divine Design Natural Health will do to make illness optional.

Help is here. Hope never fails. Health always heals.

Our Services

Contrary to common thinking, repairing the human body is quite simple. It was divinely designed to heal itself by an intelligence far beyond our comprehension. A transformational awakening grows daily to the overdue realization that our current healthcare system leaves much to be desired. You are not alone in thinking that there must be a better way. Many of us already see this awakening transpiring, while others may simply need a bit of confirmation and a gentle nudge in the right direction. That’s where we come in.

See for yourself why our battle cry is: “Saving lives ahead of time.”

Our Unique Promises To You

Upon first exposure, many people need a bit more familiarity with the type of holistic healthcare we provide. Unfortunately, an even greater number of people  are unaware that this caliber of natural healthcare actually exists, so we have developed some unique promises to help familiarize newcomers in understanding this new paradigm of natural healthcare and to answer the initial questions asked by nearly everyone.

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, the Divine Design Natural Health team fully expects this to be the last healthcare office you will likely ever need. We replace allergists through veterinarians (literally A-Z) and save you money, health, and time in the process by providing natural healthcare that is:

  1. SAFE: Nothing we do can harm you. This is safe for newborns as well as ninety year olds.
  2. EFFECTIVE: You will begin to notice immediate improvements in your body and mind.
  3. EMPOWERING: What you learn here will forever change your life, your family, and your future.
  4. VALUABLE: We offer the most cost-effective and sensible healthcare you will likely ever find anywhere.
  5. ANCIENT: This is traditional healthcare – natural and Biblical. It is ancient methods not alternative medicine.

Welcome to Divine Design Natural Health. You’ve been looking. We’ve been waiting.

Patients Are Raving

Dr. Spradlin specializes in personalizing your care package to address the root of your health problems. Tremendous improvement. When I first came in, I had a numb right arm. I’m amazed how the treatments (adjustment, cold laser, massages, detox) have helped me, as of course the vitamins and nutritional guidance. [Chiropractic care] is effective and efficient. They specialize in discovering what the underlying root cause of your symptoms is. Then, most importantly, they use only natural ways (without medicine) to deal with the root problem. Dr. Brett and his staff care about their patients and their health concerns. It amazes me how happy Dr. Brett gets when his patients don’t need further treatment (because their health has improved) and only preventative maintenance sessions are needed. Dr. Brett and his staff have a passion for what they do and believe in what they do!


These Standard Process supplements are powerful! I have had a few stubborn warts on my fingers that were not responding to home remedies I researched. But one night I felt led to take two extra supplements that I was already taking per Dr. Spradlin’s testing, and the next morning one of my warts opened and released what was trapped inside. I am amazed how immediately my skin responded to that extra dose of supplement!


I am so pleased to be off two of my four blood pressure medications in only six weeks. I feel better and am loving the whole food supplements that are replacing the synthetic junk filled pills.


How refreshing to have a team to lean on. It’s so refreshing to have a doctor and his staff care so passionately about my wellbeing. To have someone to lean on while making a serious life change makes all the difference. Dr. Spradlin and his staff are the best.


Within thirty minutes of leaving Divine Design my daughter was pain free for the first time in a week! And her appetite returned as well! She will never miss taking her supplements again!


Love, care, and hard work are poured into each patient that comes through the door. I have been more than a patient at Divine Design. I had the opportunity to intern for some time there. During my internship I witnessed the love, care, and hard work that goes into all clients that come through the door.


Divine Design frees you from health restrictions and allows you to pursue the best possible you. Dr. Brett and his staff are the best! Everything about your visit will be positive and uplifting. The staff will encourage you to pursue the best possible you. My experience has been amazing, Dr. Brett’s expertise in his field is helping me overcome some major obstacles in my health. I highly recommend Divine Design to anyone who desires to live a healthy life, free from pain and health restrictions.


Since starting the 21-day purification I have noticed great changes! My mental clarity is better, I have started to lose weight each week, and people at my work are also starting to make changes in their diets! Since I’ve been drinking smoothies at work, other nurses have started making smoothies and some people are juicing. Even the doctors are asking me what I’m drinking! People do pay attention to what others eat and drink. Be the change.


My daughter started improving immediately after one visit! My fifteen-year-old daughter had persistent nausea and vomiting following a stomach virus. She was vomiting multiple times each night and feeling nauseated throughout the day. For weeks, she barely slept or ate and spent most days in bed. We even had to pull her out of school and set up homebound education. After multiple doctors’ visits a tentative diagnosis of gastroparesis was given. Children’s hospital scheduled an endoscopy and biopsy and we were told that she might need a feeding tube. We started care at Divine Design the following week. Dr. Brett started laser therapy and chiropractic on the first visit and sent us home with supplements and advice to avoid gluten and soy. My daughter began to improve almost immediately and within two weeks, she had her first full night’s sleep with no vomiting! Its been several weeks now and my daughter is completely healthy! No nausea, no vomiting, no biopsy, no feeding tube, no gastroparesis!


I loved the shakes, so much that I’m going to continue them in my normal routine. They’re so filling, and they are packed full of good stuff that feeds my body well. Because of that, I ate less without even thinking about eating less. Also, I had the satisfaction of nourishing myself with real food that made me stronger, more energetic, and clearer-thinking! I even felt better equipped emotionally to handle stress and frustration! I never anticipated all the results! I’ll continue these habits from now on!


We are on our 12th day of the Standard Process Purification and have increased energy and feel better physically that we have in years! At first, we were questioning how we would be able to eat all fresh vegetables and feel satisfied, but it has been much less daunting than we anticipated. We love the shakes with the organic veggies and look forward to making them. We feel incredible – which is proof to us that we are making better choices for our health!

Eddie & Kim

You will be blown away by all the information and learning opportunities. This professional office and staff go above and beyond any expectation you could imagine and will do whatever it takes to help AND heal you. Sure, there is effort on your part but that should be expected. You must be willing to help yourself along the way… I have seen this business grow and have personally experienced the healing and learning opportunities Dr. Spradlin provides for live a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this office for any health-related issues you might have. Also, the videos Dr. Spradlin shares are very helpful. This is all free information to help those that truly want the help. You will definitely learn something from each video and class attended. Either way, you will be blown away with the valuable leaning tools he will teach you. As mentioned earlier, this office is truly a blessing to me, and I will continue to be a patient. Thank you all. I cannot say enough about the good that this practice is doing, and they are changing lives!!