Chiropractor, Dr. Brett Spradlin, Answers Frequently Asked Questions

As a chiropractor and provider of holistic and homeopathic medicine, Dr. Brett Spradlin is happy to answer any questions you may have. If you do not see your question listed here, or would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form or calling our office at (423) 800-6800.

Your ability to eliminate most or all of your medical issues is not limited by your body’s ability to heal but is entirely dependent upon your willingness to let go of bad habits and false beliefs. This is precisely why medical doctors tell you it’s impossible.

Your body doesn’t care about human opinions. It operates by a set of rules called human physiology. These rules have never changed in all of recorded history.


Insurance pays for drugs, surgery, and procedures that lead to drugs and surgery. Since we help you to avoid drugs and surgery altogether, your insurance DOES NOT ACCEPT US.

For medical health insurance, the average premium for singles is $8,500 per year. The average premium for family coverage is $24,000 per year. These figures constitute only the yearly premium. If we add deductibles, copays, prescriptions, and lost work time, the situation worsens.

Also remember that health insurance only gives you access to two things: drugs and surgery. If you love drugs, surgery, and insurance, this is not the place for you. These things will never heal you. The sickest patients we have ever seen always had “the best health insurance” that actually insured nothing but their continual chronic sickness.

Very few other doctors make it their business to destroy premiums, cancel surgeries, ditch meds, and get lives back. What is your life worth to you?

There are a few problems with this approach:

  1. Your previous doctor (or social media influencer) could be incorrect.
  2. Your body does not care what your disease is called.
  3. A diagnosis exists solely for the benefit of insurance companies.
  4. A diagnosis has never healed anyone.
  5. A diagnosis ultimately means nothing.

So, if your diagnosis is flawed, your planned treatment is likely flawed. We have thousands of raving testimonials – all without arriving at a single diagnosis.

We treat patients not conditions or symptoms. We’ve had astounding successes with a vast variety of conditions. Often, the original medical diagnosis is incorrect from the start. Sometimes people are diagnosed by a doctor and sometimes by Google. Either way, treating someone for a misdiagnosed condition is an exercise in futility. Specialists specialize in drugs and diseases. We specialize in you and your health.

There are problems with this philosophy:

  1. The “quick fix” most people follow is usually prescribed for years. That’s not a quick fix.
  2. Your condition is likely the result of long-term deficiency and toxicity, but your $50 copay doctor can’t legally tell you that.
  3. Your condition did not appear overnight and will not disappear overnight.
  4. Count every dose as an office visit. You’re now dependent on refills and could possibly be flirting with addiction at some point.
  5. Medical doctors are legally required to prescribe drugs. If they do not, their license and livelihood go away.
  6. No drug cures a disease. Every drug has dozens of possible side effects, and taking multiple drugs will make side effect possibilities exponential.

Remember that human physiology is like a large banquet. The symptom of pain is the last guest to show up and the first guest to leave. True healing will always take longer than mere pain relief.

Here are few points to consider:

  1. We seek recovered patients rather than subscribed followers.
  2. We treat our patients the same way we treat our families.
  3. We offer the oldest and most-proven products from legitimate vendors rather than synthetic mega-dosed nutraceuticals from China with our name and picture on the bottle.
  4. We offer ancient services and methods you’ve likely never seen or heard of before.
  5. We educate patients how to be sovereign and in charge of their own healthcare.
  6. We are uniquely called and positioned for this purpose with the education, equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to help anyone with anything.
  7. We are actively shadowbanned and censored from most social media platforms. Remember this when Dr. Google carefully avoids certain topics.
  8. We eliminate the need for you to have any other doctors in your life.
  9. Dr. Google and Miss Instagram will not be there when you have an emergency.

We understand your distrust in the current healthcare system and that many websites, podcasts, and social media influencers recommend some form of silver bullet one-shot-wonder miracle cure. While we obviously cannot say we have heard them all, you should understand that we are very familiar with these approaches.

We also understand your diligent search for a silver bullet one-shot-wonder miracle cure for your health, but logic and reason conclude that there is no such thing. Your list of health concerns undeniably came from years of bad choices and believing false information regarding how true health is achieved and maintained.

There are many things we do that most websites, podcasts, and social media influencers have never contemplated and that leave silver bullet treatments in the dust. Our testimonials speak for themselves. There is no panacea. Your health will return with only two things: your time and energy invested in changing the habits that currently plague you.

See our Biblical Health Manifesto

In other words, we DO have the closest thing to the silver bullet you seek, but it’s not quite as easy as you would prefer.

Your blood consists of what you ate: food and drugs. Blood labs provide very little usable information due to the input of fake food, faker drugs, and other chemical poisons. When doctors chase numbers on a blood lab, rarely does the patient achieve optimal health.

Typical patient experience:
MD: Your blood numbers look great.
Patient: I still feel sick.
MD: But your blood test looks excellent. The drugs are finally working!
Patient: I’m still struggling. Something doesn’t feel right.
MD: It’s all in your head. Here’s a prescription to get you through the next six months.

If you’re sick but have been told your blood numbers look great, consider yourself fortunate that you’re not quite as sick as all the other sick people.

Yes. In all 50 states, we are considered portal-of-entry primary care physicians, a fact that hardly anyone recognizes. We adjust and treat everyone from newborn infants to geriatric grandmothers.

If medicine worked, no one would be sick, and chiropractic would have died long ago. Decades of medical propaganda have attempted to completely contain and eliminate chiropractic as a profession. Take a moment to research the Wilk v. AMA case of 1990 to understand what the future could have been for all of us. If not for chiropractic, your only options in healthcare would be either drugs, surgery, or both.

While medical and chiropractic schools are similar in training requirements, chiropractors typically learn more anatomy, physiology, neurology, and orthopedics than their medical counterparts who focus on pathology (disease) and pharmacology (drugs).

Chiropractors vs MDs Education

Consult the table above to choose the type of doctor you prefer.

Despite what you may have been taught, chiropractic has little to do with neck pain, back pain, or headache. It has even less to do with x-rays, short legs, and proper alignment. Chiropractic is the oldest and largest healing profession in the world, and it deserves much more respect than what it currently receives.

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, discs, joints, and all energy pathways traveling to, from, and through all bodily structures. These pathways include arteries, veins, nerves, and lymph nodes. So the simpler question to ask is, “How could chiropractic NOT help my condition?”

We are not a “neck-and-back-mom-and-pop-chop-shop.” We adjust shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, toes, and all places in between. We adjust patients seated, standing, supine, prone, and even adjust organs.

In short, chiropractic adjustments restore blood flow. Life is in the blood, so the solution to your condition rests in putting the correct things into your blood via nutrition (while guarding it from detrimental substances) and directing that blood to the targeted area by using chiropractic adjustments. Some even call it the laying on of hands. Remember that the Great Physician never once wrote a prescription. [Your phone code is 6433]

Malpractice insurance companies pride themselves on properly assessing risk. They deem chiropractic physicians many times safer than medical physicians who prescribe drugs and perform surgeries. Numbers simply do not lie.

Divine Design has an annual malpractice premium of $2,000. Surgeons pay upwards of $50,000 per year, and you receive the esteemed honor of paying for it. We use only light, water, heat, electricity, plants, animals, and the hands of a physician. This natural healthcare simply could not be any safer.

A frequent conversation:
Veteran: All my healthcare is free through the VA.
Dr. Spradlin: Did you fight for your country?
Veteran: Yes.
Dr. Spradlin: Does your government care about you?
Veteran: Hell no!
Dr. Spradlin: You’re admittedly trusting an enemy to bandage the wounds that they created.
Veteran: Well, that explains a few things….

Yes. We can order any imaging or lab panels that your medical doctor can order, but we find that most patients have many tests and very few answers. Often, we observe no need to spend money on useless diagnostics because problems effortlessly subside with the simple methods we utilize every day. We’d rather have patients spending their hard-earned money on effective treatment rather than dangerous and expensive pictures that instantly become obsolete.

By law and by license, we avoid inserting ourselves between patients and their medical doctors (aka legal drug pushers). Whether you roll up your sleeve to quickly poison yourself or you do it slowly with two doses per day for twenty years, your consent (permission) is first required. You are a sovereign individual. No one is holding a gun to your head to do anything…yet.

We simply get patients so healthy that they have no further need for the medications, and this does take time. We can help you through every step of the process, but you must make the decision yourself whether or not you would like others to profit from your continual self-poisoning.

Yes, but first we start with you. If your child is 18 or under and living at home, we require that you become a patient before your child. With this method, we rarely need to see your child for their health to radically improve.

Objection: “My child is so sick. I don’t want to spend money on myself. My child is more important.”
Answer: By spending money on yourself, you ARE helping your child. Consider it a BOGO.

Objection: “I don’t understand how becoming a patient myself will help my child.”
Answer: We understand this is different than anything you’ve heard before. Your child doesn’t buy the food, plan the meals, or cook. Your child doesn’t have a say in personal care products, cleaning supplies, or the water they drink. We change them by changing you, and you must change first.

If you have a sick child and don’t understand how helping yourself will help them, please read the story below and watch both of the videos. It will bring hope and understanding.

Patient testimonial story:
This patient came to our office with numerous health issues. The conventional medical system had provided neither answers nor success. She quickly began to see results, downsized from wearing XL to M clothing (size 18 to 10), and is now symptom-free.

Her three year old child had previously been diagnosed with autism. His vocabulary consisted of the words “mom,” “dad,” and “bye.” This child NEVER became a patient at our office. In nine months, he went from nearly nonverbal to speaking, learning, and connecting with his family. This is a recent video of him identifying objects and colors!

This is precisely why we require a parent to become a patient before their child. Not only has this precious mama gotten her health and life back, but her husband and kids are benefiting as well. In our clinical experience, kids get better when their parent/caregiver learns the truth about natural healthcare. When we say, “Your child may never have to be a patient to get better,” we mean it.

When a parent takes that leap of faith and invests in their health, the testimonies we see are incredible. We’re so proud of this mama. She put in the hard work, dedicated herself to getting better, and now she has changed the future of her entire family.

Yes. For the sake of clarity, Divine Design Natural Health uses a completely holistic approach consisting of naturopathic methods through the use of homeopathic remedies, whole food nutrition, herbal liquids, botanicals, drainage remedies, and even cellular organotherapy. Often, these terms are used interchangeably by those seeking natural healthcare options, so the definitions below should simplify things for those beginning a journey of natural wellness:

Definition of holistic: Characterized by the treatment of the whole person and taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Definition of homeopathy: A system of natural health that addresses a disease especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in larger amounts produce in healthy persons symptoms similar to those of the disease.

Definition of naturopathic: Naturopathic healthcare is a distinct profession emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage an individual’s inherent self-healing process.