Better results and faster improvements happen when you get a dose of the truth.

Divine Design Natural Health hosts regular Wellness Workshops (aka Well Works) where we illuminate natural healing through nutrition and a wide variety of other topics. Our workshops are complimentary, required for new patients, and provide an atmosphere of education where your questions can be answered with no obligation to purchase anything. This is the perfect environment to bring friends and family who may be interested in your new journey into natural healthcare. Nearly everyone who becomes a patient started by attending at least one Well Works event.

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Wellness Workshops:

We call them Well Works because wellness works. Wellness Workshops. Being well just works, right? Get it?

It is required that new patients attend at least one of our Wellness Workshop events within the first four weeks of beginning a program. The reason is simple. Educated patients get better results more quickly. This is for your own benefit. Each event is approximately one hour. This is equivalent to 4-6 office visits of hard-hitting and relevant information you likely will hear nowhere else. We have a sacred duty and obligation to educate. “Doctor” means “teacher” – not “prescriber.” Join us.

What topics are covered at your Wellness Workshop events?

It’s endless. Cancer, nutrition, stress, natural birthing, and a long list of other topics will open your eyes to some obvious truths that many already suspect. Let us be your clearing house of natural health information. We’ve been doing this for a long time. View our Facebook page for an extensive list of videos as well as upcoming events.