If you've lived in air conditioning and haven't sweated since 1993, you need infrared sauna therapy.

With every breath you take and every trip to the restroom, your body eliminates unwanted toxic substances. You would die within minutes without every cell in your body wisely and efficiently eliminating the waste products created by your metabolism. Our genetically modified food is processed with toxic chemicals. Our air is polluted to varying degrees depending on exposure and environment. Our tap water contains fluoride, chlorine, and other agents of disease. Additionally, our cleaning products, cosmetics, and industrial chemicals all take a toll on our bodies, often with no discernible medical correlation to the conditions so many people are experiencing today.

Our detoxification processes (nutritional purifications, ionic detoxification foot spas, and infrared sauna therapy) help your body to eliminate these dangers quickly and more efficiently, returning you to health by harnessing the ancient yet simple power of food, water, heat, and electricity. Detoxification helps to remove bad things from your body. It’s very simple and continually necessary.

Infrared Saunas. Why?

We’re using electricity and heat to open drainage channels in your body’s excretory system. That’s why. This is not a steam sauna. It is a dry sauna. In other words, it’s Phoenix rather than Miami. Traditional saunas release sweat consisting of 3% toxins. Infrared saunas release sweat consisting of over 17% toxins. You’ll burn 600-1800 calories. One session can have the same cardiovascular benefits as jogging 6-9 miles. We’ll save you plenty of time in the gym. You’re welcome.

What do infrared saunas do?

Infrared saunas assist the body in natural detoxification through the process of sweating. Infrared sauna therapy can thereby greatly affect skin conditions, digestive issues, joint pain, weight loss, and a wide range of health concerns.

Why do I need detoxification?

Solely delivering a chiropractic adjustment worked miraculously just decades ago, and the profession still exists because of these documented results. However, our current food supply is more depleted of nutrients than ever before, and we are continually surrounded by increasing numbers of toxic consumer goods. Therefore, even with the proper adjustments, most people are now incapable of properly healing. Without a proper diet containing required vitamins and minerals, your body cannot make the neurotransmitters, hormones, and building materials necessary for optimum health and repair. Without actively minimizing the chemical toxins ingested through consumer goods and daily living, your body is limited in its proper handling of waste products. Therefore, treating patients whose cells are filled with biohazardous wastes can be problematic and ineffective if not addressing modern methods of detoxification such as those offered at Divine Design Natural Health.