Cold laser therapy stimulates human genetics through the power of light energy.

Cold laser energy is simply light, the very first energy ever described in the Bible. “Let there be light” set into motion every sight we see and every sound we hear. All energy forms reside on what is called the electromagnetic spectrum of energy – from enormously sized AM/FM radio waves to sub-microscopic x-rays and gamma rays. Your cells have two strands of DNA, the genetic material that forms the blueprint for every tissue in your body. One strand came from your mother, and the other strand came from your father. These two strands of DNA have a measurable wavelength. The cold laser matches this wavelength closely so that your cells resonate with this light energy.

In other words, your cells are stimulated by the light and then create the proteins necessary for your tissue (brain, lung, kidney, etc.) to heal. It is similar to an opera singer hitting a note that makes a wine glass vibrate. The laser is the opera singer; your DNA is the wine glass. We are stimulating your body on the invisible sub-microscopic level by showering your genetic material with photons of light energy. By naturally stimulating your body to replicate the protein sequences encoded in your DNA, your hair, skin, nails, muscles, nerves, and every other structure containing protein can naturally repair as intended.

Another Term for Cold Laser:

Another term for cold laser therapy is photobiomodulation.

“Photo” refers to photons of light energy. “Bio” refers to life or biology. “Modulation” refers to turning up the cell’s ability to release toxins, increase protein synthesis, decrease pain, shorten healing time, and improve tissue and gland function.

In other words, the future of healthcare is here.

What type of cold laser do we use?

Divine Design Natural Health exclusively uses lasers by Erchonia, the world’s leading pioneers in low level laser technology.

I've had surgery or a recent injury. Can I use cold laser to speed my healing?

Absolutely. That’s a question we hear quite often. Broken bones, torn ligaments, and scar tissue heal faster and more efficiently with cold laser therapy. Athletes love cold laser to heal injuries more quickly. Many plastic surgeons use cold laser to speed recovery time and to increase clinical outcomes.