Whole food supplements are not isolated chemicals synthetically created in a laboratory. They come from plant and animal sources.

Why should I augment my diet with nutritional supplements?

In short, to live better and longer without dependence upon drugs or surgeries and without fear of an ominous diagnosis. It is always beneficial to get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, but nowadays it is increasingly difficult to consume the proper quantities of these nutrients from food alone, especially with the recent insertion of genetically modified organisms into the global food supply. Therefore, every single person who eats food produced on American soil should be taking nutritional supplements specific to their goals, lifestyle habits, age, and current health status. These supplements should be from reputable companies rather than from the local drugstore offering synthetically derived nutraceuticals – nutritional pharmaceuticals made by the same drug companies we’re all trying to avoid – in forms that your body can neither recognize nor absorb properly. Also, keep in mind that the word “supplement” implies something added to an already healthy diet. No supplement, drug, or even surgery can offset the effects of a continually poor diet. That’s why dietary changes are an often overlooked topic when most consumers start investigating nutritional supplement alternatives to mainstream pharmacology.

How can you tell what I need?

Through a complete Nutrition Testing examination, targeted nutritional solutions can supply proper nutrients to restore the biochemical and hormonal pathways compromised by long-term dietary insufficiencies, drug use, or environmental exposure. Digestive, immune, cardiovascular, and neurological issues often respond efficiently and even miraculously when the body’s nutritional need for raw materials is adequately provided.

What types of products do you use?

We use an endless array of liquid homeopathic remedies, botanicals, herbs, herbal liquids, drainage remedies, cellular organotherapy (ingestible rather than injectable stem cells) from 10-15 different suppliers. All products are sold only to licensed holistic healthcare professionals who are trained in their applications.

We primarily use Standard Process whole food supplements which are food-based concentrations of plant and animal tissue in order to rebuild compromised organs over specific periods of regenerative time. Nutrition rebuilds your body while you sleep, and our assistance in lifestyle modification can easily eliminate problematic foods from your diet, saving you wasted time and energy on workouts and weight loss fads while proactively rebuilding your organs rather than waiting for an inevitable breakdown from neglect. It is profoundly simple.