How do I become a patient?

Step One: Schedule An Interview

We ask that all prospective patients watch our office tour and read the frequently asked questions section of our website before scheduling an interview. We also encourage you to take full advantage of the other information on our website, especially the Wellness Workshops on our videos page.

These steps must be completed before speaking with our office. If you call our office and have not done so, you will be directed back to this page.

When you have completed these instructions and are ready to schedule your interview, call us at (423) 800-6800. After answering a few questions, you will select a time for your 30 minute interview.

NOTE: You will find a phone code while completing step one. Please have this code ready when you call our office. It is required that you provide it in order to schedule your interview.

Step Two: Complete Paperwork

Download and complete the required paperwork in the comfort of your own home.

  1. New Patient Information Form
  2. Toxicity Questionnaire Form
  3. System Survey Form

It is vital that all sections be completed. Mark “N/A” for any sections that are not applicable to you so that we know the item was not overlooked. If any sections are left blank, your paperwork will be returned to you for completion. Bring these documents with you to your interview. If you are not able to download and complete these forms in advance, you will need to arrive at least thirty minutes early for your interview.

Step Three: Interview

During this interview, we will determine whether or not you are eligible to be a patient. If so, you will then be able to schedule a new patient exam.

Note: We require your spouse, parent, or other decision makers to be present at your report of findings (step five).

Step Four: New Patient Exam

During your 90-minute exam, our staff will gather your vitals and your specific reasons for seeking natural healthcare through Divine Design Natural Health. The examination is comfortable and non-invasive. We often tell patients that this will be the most thorough and informative physical examination they will ever experience. We will efficiently test your body’s reaction to environmental and nutritional stressors and find any areas that need attention. We will then find nutritional solutions for underlying problems and conduct any further testing or exams deemed necessary to your care.

Step Five: Report of Findings

On the same day or within one or two days of your exam you will have an additional 90 minute appointment referred to as your report of findings visit. As part of this visit, you will receive a complimentary ionic detoxification to gain familiarity with the often overlooked importance of detoxification.

Our staff will then review the results of your previous examination and answer any questions that may arise. You will then commit to your health by accepting our wellness program and beginning an unforgettable healthcare journey unlike any other. Welcome home to Divine Design Natural Health.

Note: We require your spouse, parent, or other decision makers to be present at your report of findings.

Step Six: Follow Up Visits

Once you have committed to proactively redirecting your health and future, follow up visits will occur weekly for the first twelve weeks. Nutrition and chiropractic visits take 15 minutes. Detoxification visits range from 30-60 minutes. At each visit, progress will be routinely monitored, weekly goals will be set, necessary updates will be made to your wellness program, and you will be given informational handouts, educational assignments, and video homework.

Our goal is to eventually see you monthly (every 4-6 weeks) to maintain your health through any situation. Your supplement program will naturally change based on many factors that only you control. We find that 90% of patients will see 50-90% overall improvement within their first 90 days as long as they do what we ask them to do.

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