Bed Wetting

Bed wetting (aka nocturnal enuresis) affects millions of children every night. They feel embarrassment, and their families feel stress. A child’s reluctance to spend time at a friend’s house or a night away at camp often leaves parents feeling helplessly unable to intervene. Medically, bedwetting is blamed on inadequate bladder capacity or immature sleeping patterns. A theoretical cause of nocturnal enuresis is even labeled as “bladder innervation disorder.” Calling this a disorder does little to calm a parent’s anxiety.

How We Can Help

The family must first understand that enuresis lies outside of the child’s conscious control. This behavior should not be addressed with scolding, restricting fluids, or waking the child. These approaches generally delay resolution and do little to help. The true root cause lies in neurological control of the bladder and the muscles used during urination. At Divine Design Natural Health, we address the understanding of how neurology controls these muscles and help to support the body’s ability to urinate appropriately.