Nutrition & Detox

More than half of all Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases, and each year millions of people die from the same conditions. Many patients are unaware that good health is a choice rather than a chance. Each day, we choose what we eat and drink. Every bite or sip we take is either an act of assisted suicide or an act of nourishment.

Only a few generations ago, people ate food from local farms and their own backyards. It was during this time when chronic disease was rare. As our country’s population increased, the demand for food increased and led to the over-farming of our soil. Nutrient composition in the soil declined steadily and passed deficiencies to the plants, ultimately causing our food to have decreased nutrient levels as well. Additionally, farming technology has progressed to increase food production even further. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms have now affected our natural resources of water and air while making their way into our food supply forevermore.

Soil composition is not a new problem in our country. United States Senate Document 74-264 written in 1936 stated, “The alarming fact is that foods – fruits, vegetables and grains, now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed nutrients – are starving us no matter how much we eat of them.” Today, the fruits and vegetables we buy from the supermarket are 5-40% lower in minerals than those harvested 50 years ago. Furthermore, since the animals we consume are fed from the same fields, we can ascertain that the nutritional value of their feed and ultimately their meat that we consume is lower in nutrients as well.

Once we understand this, logic reveals why the rates of disease and obesity have recently skyrocketed. Today, almost 40% of the U.S. population is considered obese. We are well-fed as far as quantity is concerned, but we are starving when we consider quality. The nutritional value of processed foods that we readily consume is nearly nonexistent. We must remember that donuts, crackers, cereals, cakes, and candy bars do not occur naturally and are often mislabeled as actual food. Without proper nutrition, our bodies cannot function optimally, leaving us more susceptible to disease. This leads us to the importance of nutritional supplements and detoxification.

Nutritional Supplements

It is always better to get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, but nowadays it is increasingly difficult to consume the proper quantities of these nutrients from food alone. Therefore, every single person who eats food produced on American soil should be taking nutritional supplements specific to their goals, lifestyle habits, age, and current health status. These supplements should be from reputable companies rather than from the local drugstore offering synthetically derived nutraceuticals (nutritional pharmaceuticals) in forms that your body can neither recognize nor absorb.


Solely delivering a chiropractic adjustment worked miraculously just decades ago, and the profession still exists because of these documented results. However, our current food supply is more depleted of nutrients than ever before, and we are continually surrounded by increasing numbers of toxic consumer goods. Therefore, even with the proper adjustments, most people are now incapable of properly healing. Without a proper diet containing required vitamins and minerals, your body cannot make the neurotransmitters, hormones, and building materials necessary for optimum health and repair. Without actively minimizing the chemical toxins ingested through consumer goods and daily living, your body is limited in its proper handling of waste products. Therefore, treating patients whose cells are filled with biohazardous wastes can be problematic and ineffective if not addressing modern methods of detoxification such as those offered at Divine Design Natural Health.

How We Can Help

Our food, air, and water have now become irreversibly intermingled with agricultural pesticides, artificial sweeteners, plastic residues, and chemical preservatives. Additionally, our personal care products, cleaning supplies, and medications add to the chemical burden our bodies must continually resist. To properly detoxify our bodies, we must first become aware of these issues and their resulting health consequences. We must then commence in taking the necessary steps to limit our exposure as much as possible. Unfortunately, complete elimination of these widespread toxins is often impossible due to the complexities of our modern age.

Remember that your body has a nearly limitless potential to create what is needed in the correct amounts and at the proper times provided that you supply it with the necessary nutrients to do so. When you consume healthy foods, take nutritional supplements, detoxify, and get adjusted regularly, you are making effective deposits into your body’s health account in ways that your medical insurance may never understand.

For these reasons, Divine Design Natural Health utilizes nutritional supplements available only to healthcare professionals to help you avoid throwing your money away on commercial supplements that are often unnecessary or ineffective. We also employ specific nutritional and mechanical detoxification methods to eliminate symptoms of toxic overload, thereby allowing your body to properly heal and to proactively avoid unforeseeable problems far ahead of time.