Pregnancy Discomfort

Roughly one half of all pregnant women suffer from low back pain. Modern medicine now asserts that pregnancy-related low back pain is associated with sacroiliac joint dysfunction – a joint malposition between the sacrum and ilium (what many may refer to as the “hip bone”). A misaligned pelvis reduces the available space for a developing baby, referred to as intrauterine constraint.

Pregnancy greatly affects hormones, and some of these hormones relax the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the body, allowing the pelvis to accommodate the growing baby. However, this relaxation combined with postural changes, weight gain, and stretching of the abdomen also disturbs the proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. This, in turn, increases stress on the joints, nerves, and discs of the low back and pelvis to create pain.

How We Can Help

Natural healthcare including chiropractic before and during pregnancy restores balance to the pelvis and the dozens of muscles and ligaments that attach to it. This leads to better deliveries for you and your baby. Studies show that pregnant mothers under chiropractic care suffer less “back labor” and have significantly reduced labor complications. Concerning nutrition, all women recognize the need for prenatal vitamins recommended during pregnancy, but these are often synthetic pharmaceutical products offered in megadoses unnatural to the body. We recognize a better way, and women patients are taught that nutritional supplementation is just as vital before and after pregnancy as it is during.

Divine Design Natural Health offers a drug-free approach to pain reduction as well as pregnancy preparation. For obvious reasons, it is not ideal for pregnant women to take unnecessary or possibly harmful medications. Our methods of natural healthcare and chiropractic provide relief without worry during this extremely important time in a woman’s life. Many women surprisingly find that the proper pregnancy preparation and education we provide often result in a subsequent pregnancy that is markedly improved over a previous experience of pregnancy. Fertility, improved health during pregnancy, and wonderful final outcomes often occur simply by addressing pregnancy as an experience of life rather than as a condition one must dreadfully battle.