Breech Births

Usually, a baby’s ever-increasing size will trap its head in a natural downward position in preparation for birth. Many babies will naturally move into delivery position, but sometimes the feet or buttocks are in position to emerge first. This is a dangerous condition for mother and baby alike, referred to as a breech birth.

Breech births are influenced by previous pregnancies, excessive amounts of amniotic fluid, uterine or fetal abnormalities, and excessive strain upon pelvic ligaments due to increasing abdominal mass.

How We Can Help

Certain techniques enable chiropractors to release stress on the pregnant woman’s pelvis and ligaments, causing relaxation to the uterus and surrounding tissues.

A relaxed uterus allows a breech baby to turn naturally and to avoid possible birth trauma. These techniques often replace high-cost surgeries and the use of harmful medications or procedures.

Pregnancy should be a time full of health and happiness, not pain and discomfort. At Divine Design Natural Health, we can help you experience the quality of life that you and your unborn child deserve.