Although vaccination may promise immunity to certain pathogens, human physiology and publicized statistics do not completely agree. A review of basic physiology will promote an informed decision about whether to accept vaccinations.

When your body detects a foreign pathogen, it mounts an attack-and-destroy response. Once the invader has been destroyed, your body creates antibodies whose primary responsibility is to remember that particular pathogen. If you then come into contact with the same pathogen, your body can identify the invader more quickly. Amazingly, your immune system wages war against foreign pathogens every single day without your awareness or knowledge. Our immune system is, therefore, the most efficiently organized secret military force in existence.

In order for the body to adequately respond to foreign pathogens, the immune system must be healthy. However, current vaccine recommendations place a particular emphasis on populations with the most vulnerable immune systems – children, the elderly, pregnant women, and the immuno-suppressed.

The vaccination of children makes the least sense of all. The childhood vaccination schedule for 1983 included only 7 different injections by the age of six. Today, the schedule has grown to 49 vaccinations within the same timeframe. Ironically, any physiology or immunology textbook (even those from 1983) will explain in great detail how a child’s immune system cannot adequately create antibodies to foreign pathogens. This is one reason behind the vital importance of breastfeeding. Antibodies are passed from mother to infant over time, while the newborn builds a personalized resistance to incoming invaders.

If a child does not have a fully developed immune system, why do they receive more vaccinations than any other group? What are we hoping to accomplish when we burden a child’s body with fighting off injected pathogens rather than dedicating its energy to proper growth? An uncanny relationship between the childhood vaccination schedule and the increasing rate of neurodegenerative diseases has appeared in recent years, attracting attention even from mainstream media sources.

Another important factor to consider about vaccinations is the additional ingredients injected along with the pathogen. While many of these ingredients are deemed safe to inject into a person, asking your local pharmacist for the product monograph of any vaccine will provide you with shocking evidence on the contrary. Furthermore, many vaccines and their ingredients have never been evaluated as a possible cause of cancer, infertility, or birth defects.

Thimerosal, a potent mercury-based preservative, is used to increase vaccine shelf life. Mercury is a heavy metal that gets stored by vital organs such as the brain and subsequently causes degeneration of neurons. It is still used in the flu, tetanus, and meningococcal vaccines. Many vaccines that no longer contain thimerosal still include other heavy metals that affect the body in very similar ways.

How We Can Help

At a glance, vaccines may seem a logical step in maintaining optimum health, but a deeper understanding of our immune system physiology shows us otherwise. A closer investigation of the mechanism behind vaccination reveals that it is not the vaccine that is brilliant, but rather our immune system that deserves all recognition for keeping us healthy. With a properly functioning immune system, vaccines are ineffectual and have been widely shown to cause adverse reactions which often cannot be undone.

Divine Design Natural Health desires to educate patients, young and old, on the wisdom of their bodies and the often fraudulent marketing of vaccination for pharmaceutical profits. Detoxification of heavy metals along with nutritional supplementation are proven and effective means of bolstering your immune system without compromising the health of you or your beloved family members.