Inside Out vs. Outside In

The wellness model relies on healing from inside out. The medical model relies on masking symptoms from outside in – by ingestion of highly regulated pharmaceutical poisons designed for profit.

The wellness model turns on the body’s natural ability to heal. The medical model turns off the body’s ability to perform normal physiology.

The wellness model believes that if a hindrance to healing is removed your body was divinely designed to restore itself. The medical model believes that your body is the product of millions of years of random chance and that man will achieve ultimate health through the design of better drugs.

The wellness model removes interference to normal function from inside out. The medical model adds something to suppress normal function from outside in.

The wellness model treats the entire body and sees all systems as intimately related and in perfect balance. The medical model treats the symptoms of a condition such as pain without asking why the pain appeared. This approach uses drugs, surgery, or procedures with very serious consequences. Medically speaking, there is a pill for every symptom, disease, and condition. Your headache, for example, is obviously a result of aspirin deficiency. Your depression is a result of Zoloft deficiency.